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Illustration by Carel Pieter Brest Van Kempen
Back in New York after the garage band phase of my music career, I wrote and arranged for a twenty-piece band of high school musician friends.  I made my first studio recording, participated in a national jazz competition and had even played nightclub gigs prior to moving myself to Los Angeles.

In LA, while still a teen - I was eventually hired by a music store at the peak of music synthesizer industry. I knew synthesizers well and at this job I had the rare opportunity to twist knobs on every imaginable kind of analog, hybrid, digital, additive, subtractive, frequency modulation and new digital synthesizers.  I became a Certified Yamaha Clinician, becoming something of an expert at synthesizer programming and sound design.  

I was in the right place at the right time with the right skills and had met the right people. I was hired to do this work by world-famous producers, composers and recording artists.  I did a lot of this work in the home 
recording studios of the rich and famous.  It was so fun; riding around in a client's Bentley and going to their mansions and rocking-out for hours - exploring the new, hot gear and the sounds that they made.  These clients had just bought the gear from me and they needed to learn how to use it to get the coolest, newest sound on their records.  

I taught my clients how to use the technology and they taught me how to write hooks and how to make records.  It was a priceless education.  They'd even have me record or re-record parts for their releases!  So the truth is, my sounds and playing are on a bunch of really famous records, but no one knows it.  No one back then gave credit for 'synthesizer programming'.  

Along the way, I befriended some of Frank Zappa's musicians - two of whom became clients; one Ike Willis and the other, Steve Vai.  Ike hired me as manager and agent and Steve hired me as Front of House engineer for his first LA band, The Classified.

I did this work in addition to my work at the music store and free lance sound design - I had even done business as 'Steve Bach', but ultimately I was hired as a staff writer and arranger by legendary Motown producer, Harry Balk for his new Avatar Records label.   Harry was amazing; his 8 track demos sounded better than most people's full productions - the Harry Balk "pyramid of sound" baby!

In my early twenties I left LA and moved to Utah,where I was offered a job in the Electronic Music Laboratory
at the University of Utah where I served as teaching assistant for two tears under the Composer in Residence, electronic music pioneer, Dr. Vladimir Ussachevsky - another slice of pure heaven for the oscillator and filter geek in me.  Ussachevsky taught me how to compose with a razor blade, stopwatch and a reel-to-reel recorder.  I also taught an electronic music theory, history and technique class with computer music genius, Dr. Tracy Peterson.

I did some experimental electronic music at this time as well as some original music scores and soundtracks for student films.  One of these films, Malignant Directed by (now famous) Utah Film Director, Mel Halbach won an award at the Oswego Film Festival in NY.

I staged a one-man multimedia performance art show called WORDFUNWORDJERKWERKS that played at the Salt Lake City Art Center and other galleries and have performed in several rock, soul, funk and jazz bands.  

Then, after university...

I had a ten-year career in social work
I was a consultant to Utah Courts & Corrections
I authored a paper published by the Utah Psychological Association
I was a rock radio DJ and successful jingle writer/producer
I played in seven amazing Utah bands
I had a 5-year career in a cutting-edge Utah media technology company
I produced an award-winning jazz concert series
I ran an international booking agency with rock star clients
I founded a record label and produced a CD with a Grammy® Award winner
I performed as special guest at historic concerts in New York and Germany
I ran music schools in Utah, Colorado and Texas
I produced the theme song for an award-winning ant-tobacco TV campaign
I founded musicgarage, the most unique music service in the country


Now I have a studio in Holladay, Utah where I am inspired daily by the sheer beauty of where I get to live and work.

If you are a prospective client, I’d love to talk to you. 
If you are a friend, I’d love to see you again soon.
If you a music fan, I’d like to thank you for visiting my corner of the web.