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Audiophiles by Artist/Project

The Utah Kid

The Utah Kid: Didn't Have Electric Light

Pre-production demo of Kenvin "The Utah Kid" Lyman's song about childhood life on a ranch in the Uintah mountains of Utah.  Release pending.  I played all instruments.  

Steve Auerbach: Producer/arranger [2008]
Genre: Americana/Rock

Terence Hansen

Terence Hansen 
Steve Auerbach: Piano  

Genre: Progressive Rock
ATF: Auerbach, Thomas & Flanders
Steve Auerbach: Keyboards and Vocals (2006)

If You Want Me to Stay          Don't Take Me Alive
Woodstock                            Maiden Voyage variations

Genre: Jazz, Rock, Soul

Trace Wiren
Trace Wiren: Trouble At Home
From Trace's 2004 release, "Johnny's Cafe"

Steve Auerbach: Piano

Genre: Rock

Made in Japan

Elio e le Storie Tesse: Made in Japan  (link)
I booked recording sessions, tour, TV, radio and press in Milan, Italy for client Ike Willis with one of Italy's most successful rock groups.

Steve Auerbach: Manager, Ike Willis [2003]
Genre: Rock

Ike Willis
Ike Willis: Selected Works (Link)
Steve Auerbach: Executive Producer [2002]

Listen to mp3:   The Hollow Earth    The Doctor is IN
Genre: Rock

halloween 2001 poster
Project Object at The Fillmore, NYC  (Halloween, 2001)
I was invited to perform at this historic benefit concert in memory of the late, great Frank Zappa.  The show featured three decades of Zappa sidemen including Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Don Preston, Billy Mundi, Bunk Gardner and Roy Estrada.  

Steve Auerbach: Keyboards & Vocals
Inca Roads Synthesizer Solo       Uncle Remus


Money $hot: Live at the Lazy Moon [2002]
Live fun; mostly nightclub songs and banter.  Adult content.

Steve Auerbach: Keyboards, Vocals, Feather Boa
Listen to mp3:   Super Bad       Fire       Groove Me      Darling Nikki

Genre: Funk, R&B
Phil Miller
Phil Miller:
Annapurinina  (Listen to mp3)
An astoundingly cool track by this Utah musician and composer.

Steve Auerbach: Micro Moog Synthesizer [2002]

Genre: Modern Jazz

Stevev Control

H. Street
Keyboards & Vocals [1999]

Daddy's Little Angel  Cosmic Slop

Genre: Funk


Chunga's Revenge Live at The Fox Theatre
Featuring Ike Willis (Frank Zappa 1979 - 1988)

Steve Auerbach: Producer, Keyboards and Vocals (1999)
Outside Now     Black Napkins

Genre: All (the music of Frank Zappa)

Tim Wray

Tim Wray: Giving Up The Ghost  [SongHaus ,1999]
Tim Wray of Fat Paw's solo CD

Steve Auerbach: Piano   Listen (MP3)

genre: Americana. Rock
Utah Film Commission Steve Auerbach: Mondo Congo
Produced  for a
Utah Film Commission promotion [1999]

Steve Auerbach: Composer, Producer and Keyboards

Genre: Afro-Pop
Ray Parker, Jr. - Ghostbusters
Steve Auerbach: Synthesizer Programming [1984]

Ray heard the cool sounds that I had developed for a new synthesizer called a PPG Wave 2.3 and borrowed that synth from my boss using my sounds on the Ghostbusters theme song.   Genre: Pop